FAIR? Kids Football Team's Disney Dreams Sacked Despite Undefeated Season

PHILADELPHIA (FOX NEWS INSIDER) - Despite a hard-fought undefeated season, an inner-city youth football team's dreams of going to Disney World were dashed after officials changed the rules.

The 7-to-9-year-old boys of the West Philadelphia Tarheels won all 11 season games and were poised to continue their domination in the playoffs.

After that, they expected to play a Super Bowl at Disney's Wide World of Sports Complex in Orlando, which would include a visit to the Magic Kingdom.

But league organizers Pop Warner announced halfway into the season that, in the interest of fairness, they'd be sending two random teams to Florida instead of the top two winners.

One mother said Tarheels parents and players were "devastated" and that "everyone was crying."

"These boys work really hard and we've never lost a game," Caiya Whitehead said.

Pop Warner was sorry to upset the team, but defended the decision, saying the Mighty Mites division was never meant to be competitive and that this was a return to how things worked prior to 2014.

"There's no winners or losers in our Super Bowl," national spokesman Josh Pruce said.