Family grieves over loss of six killed by carbon monoxide poisoning

A family of six was found dead in their home over the weekend, each one still tucked into bed, after police say a generator running in the basement produced carbon monoxide.

The six members of the Quasarano family all were found dead early Sunday morning. Heather and Leondard were the parents while children Luke, Brendan, Rachel, and Grant - ages 2 to 11 - all went to bed but never woke up. Heather's sister is obviously overwhelmed with grief, considering she spoked with her the night before.

"Were were texting on Friday about getting together for sisters night out," Lisa Schweizer said. "There is four of us. Heather and Rhonda - the twins - they're the youngest. My sister Tammy and me."

Schweizer said the kids were very active and the entire family was loved.

"One thing that I try to think about is that they all went together," she said.

The sheriff's office said they found a generator in the basement of the family's Fenton Township home.

"Which is believed to source of carbon monoxide. Next to the generator was the deceased father," Sheriff Robert Pickell said the generator was believed to be running because of strong winds that knocked out power in the area on Friday.

Family and friends say leonard was a very smart and handy guy.

"He was over here Johnny on the spot to help me. I just, he had to get distracted or something."

The sheriff said the bodies were discovered by Leonard's sister who came by the house and saw the two minivans in the driveway. When she didn't get an answer at the front door and knew something was wrong and went to get her father who lives nearby. He kicked in a door but it was already too late.

The children and Heather were all found in different parts of the house and police believe they all lost conscious back to back. They're not sure how long the generator had been running before it turned off.

Now, police are warning everyone again about the dangers of generators: if you run them, make sure they're being run outside.