Family heads to the Super Bowl in 'Eagle One' RV

When Patrick Moeller pulls his 2006 Georgetown recreational vehicle into the lot at US Bank Stadium in Minneapolis next week, heads will turn and Eagles eyes will pop. Even the 20 hour trip out there will likely be an adventure.

"I have been pulled over seven times by different police officers and every time is to actually see the RV," he said.

For a dozen years the Moeller family-- Patrick, his wife, three sons and a daughter-- have been trekking to NFL stadiums all over the country in a 38-foot long rolling pep rally.

Outside the vehicle is decorated with Eagles stars, team slogans even Pope Francis is a Birds booster on this RV. Inside the RV sleeps six and is full of memories.

Last weekend's Eagles NFC championship victory offered another reminder that the RV helps the Moellers bond with each other and with fellow tailgaters. They invited some visiting fans to to wade through Eagles rooters and join them in their vehicle.

"Several of them booed when the Minnesota Vikings fans came up and we just said, 'This is our house and we welcome them and don't want that to represent our city,'" Monica Moeller said.

Patrick Moeller figures just about every one of the 121,000 miles on 'Eagle One' has been registered getting to Birds games-- at 8 miles per gallon.

On the side of 'Eagle One' is a date: February 6, 2018- two days after the Super Bowl.

"What does that designate?" FOX 29's Bruce Gordon asked. Patrick said, "That's a parade down Broad Street."