Family raises money for Mount Holly Pumpkin Festival

A local family is trying to raise money to cover the costs of a yearly event that they have sponsored for the last 12 years.

It's been a rough year for Rich and Deanna Denisar. Rich had health problems and some big business deals fell through. Money has gotten very tight for the couple.

"I've had a lot of success in my life, so I guess I have an ego. And this has been very humbling to ask for help," Rich told FOX 29.

A friend suggested they ask for help.

"She said 'Rich, just put it on a GoFundme page. You'll be amazed that people are willing to help for something like this," Rich explained.

They're not raising money for themselves but for their community.

When they moved here 12 years ago, to introduce themselves, they asked a couple dozen kids to stop by to carve pumpkins for Halloween. They've been doing it ever since.

Last year, they had pumpkins all across the roof. More than 2,000 people came by to carve 700 pumpkins which were all bought by the Denisar's. They had hayrides, a bouncy house, food, music, prizes, and have never charged a dime.

It's a tradition for so many families, it's even on a calendar and now known as the Mount Holly Pumpkin Festival. But will it be on this year's calendar? They simply can't afford it.

"We're basically trying to raise $7,500 which will cover this year's cost of putting on the festival," said Rich.

The Denisar's have put smiles on so many faces over the years. Neighbors hope this year, they can return the favor.

"There's so many people that attend the event so there's no reason why it can't go on," said neighbor Michelle Corn.

To help, please visit a GoFundMe page setup.