Fashion Designer Brings 'Wanderluxe' To Philly

Having always wanted to start a business before turning 30, Amy decided "if I don't follow my dream now, I never will." While working in marketing and PR and without telling anybody, she applied to Parsons. When she found out that she got in, she quit her job and moved to New York, all within two weeks. Then, she booked a ticket to India set out to network with anyone and everyone who would be willing to talk to her. She filled her schedule with four or five meetings a day with textile mills, retailers, manufacturers, buyers. After months of schooling, countless sleepless nights and a lot of coffee, her sketches finally made it to production.

As for setting up shop in Philly, Amy couldn't be more thrilled with the friendships she's been making and the overall sense of community. "People genuinely want to help each other out," she says. "There's an appreciation for collaboration. There's such a pride and Philadelphia business owners are supportive of each other." Artistically, while some may think of Los Angeles and New York City as the only hot spots for fashion, Amy sees Philadelphia as a worthy contender. "[Philly] meshes the structure of New York with the free-flowing vibe of L.A. There's a craftsmanship built into the city."