Fearless girl, 6, tries to stop axe-wielding robber

A father is praising his six-year-old daughter after she tried to stop an axe-wielding robber in the family's electronic store in New Zealand.

A group of six armed men reportedly broke into the store on Monday.

Then, Sarah Patel was captured on video trying to defend a worker.

The girl's father, Suhail Patel, told Storyful he was proud of his daughter.

"It was amazing. She's fine. We're all fine. Everyone is getting back to normal now. But it was a shock because this type of thing doesn't normally happen where we are."

The video showed the first attacker wielding an axe at the shop assistant. Sarah is seen trying to push the attacker, before leading her grandfather out of the room. A second alleged attacker then arrived holding an iron bar.

Eventually, according to Sky News, the six men left and police chased their car until stopping it by spikes laid out in the road.

Officers arrested five 16-year-old boys and are looking for a sixth suspect.