FEMA-run mass vaccination clinic at Pennsylvania Convention Center prioritizing equity

Making sure communities that need it the most have access to the coronavirus vaccine is a goal of local leaders, but is that goal being met?

 The diversity of South Philly’s 6th and Ritner neighborhood is reflected in its buildings.

Near Mifflin Park, Jessica Frick and her husband walk their dog Angel. She is ready for a shot.

"I’d stretch my arm out right now if I could," Frick said.

Frick, who lives with her elderly mother-in-law, says she’d take a bus to the convention center, however, worries about her in-law.

"Wouldn’t that be great if they went street-to-street that would be awesome for people who couldn’t "transit by their legs" like his mother she’s 76, she don’t come out," Frick said.

Churning out 6,000 vaccinations in 12 hours, the FEMA-run convention center site is centrally located and easy to get to on public transportation argue organizers.

 This week, the nation’s Secretary of Homeland Security visited and argued for "equity."

"We are prioritizing equity because due to socioeconomic status, your race, your ethnicity, your access to transportation or immigration status should not impact whether you are able to receive a vaccine," Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas said.

Residents FOX 29’s Jeff Cole spoke to in both South and North Philadelphia were largely aware of the opening of the FEMA site.

Jessica Costello, who suffered a stroke recently, says she would rely on a bus.

"SEPTA, I’ll get there. I would like to get arrive maybe 30 to 45 minutes early before they open so I’m promised a vaccine," she said.


FEMA opens mass vaccination clinic Wednesday at Pennsylvania Convention Center



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