Burlington County food pantry emptied out in the middle of the night

A local woman saw her community in need and jumped into action, but just before Christmas, someone took advantage of her generosity. 

For the past year and a half Linda Orsuto has been collecting donations for a free food pantry.

"These shelves were stocked.  The refrigerator and freezer both got emptied out also.  That’s pretty much what we are left with."

Rows and rows of food that families were depending on.

A neighbor says they saw a truck pull up in the middle of the night on Saturday night but didn’t think much of it because there is a post office next door.

"My thought was, we’re so close to Columbus Market, that did they come on a Saturday night to take everything to sell it for a dollar up there?" Said Orsuto.  "Anyone who wanted or needed that much food and had the heart to help others with that food would’ve come in and said Linda we need all your food and I would have been like great that’s what it’s here for."

Dee Moore lives in the area and said Orsuto’s store Lola’s Menagerie is a staple in the community and that Linda has a huge heart.

"I just can’t imagine who would do this," Moore said.  "I hope it was for a cause that they really needed it."

Orsuto isn’t giving up hope and will keep doing what she’s been doing.

"We can start over," she said as she unloaded the single box of donations she hadn’t put in the garage.

Orsuto did report this to the police who suggested she keep the pantry open during the day and close it at night. She says she wants to keep it 24/7, so families can access it whenever they need it.

If you want to help out the food pantry is located behind her shop at 130 Main Street in Rancocas.



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