Food truck explodes in Greensboro, NC parking lot

GUILFORD COUNTY, NC - A food truck and the vehicle attached to it were completely gutted on Saturday evening after an explosion in a Greensboro, North Carolina parking lot.

According to witnesses, the fire started at the generator in the truck and spread throughout it.

They say someone ran into a local business to grab a fire extinguisher, but found out that it wasn't enough.

The explosion could be heard from streets over.

"I was like ok maybe is the airport getting bombed? I really hope not. And then I thought maybe like a transformer blew from one of the factories down here? I had no idea. I knew it wasn't a wreck because wrecks don't usually rock me," one bystander said.

The fire caused all the customers in the neighboring businesses to evacuate.

When they returned for their cars hours later, some had damage.

"They said something during the explosion something flew and perhaps punctured it or maybe it was the heat from the flames," another bystander said.