FOP president fires off letter after DA speaks to police cadets

A turf war between Philadelphia's police union and the city's new district attorney. It's all over what went down between the new DA and some police cadets.

"It's like me going into a medical building and diagnosing somebody with an illness. You don't do that. I'm not a lawyer so I don't go in and tell him how to try a case," John McNesby said.

**UPDATE**: Krasner releases video of talk with police cadets

The president of FOP Lodge 5 is not holding back--ripping Philadelphia District Attorney Larry Krasner after sources say Krasner told a group of next generation Philadelphia police officers not to shoot to kill when they can shoot someone in the arm during a violent encounter.

"That's totally opposite of what they're taught. They are taught and trained to shoot for center mass. This isn't a wild wild west western where you clip them in the shoulder and bang them in the toe or hand," McNesby said.

John McNesby fired off a letter to fellow officers urging them to listen to proper training and not Krasner when it comes to handling their guns.

Police sources say Krasner spoke to the cadets at the Philadelphia Police Training Center Wednesday as part of a program sponsored by the Guardian Civic League. The remarks would rattle top brass.

"Listen to the people who taught you over the last nine months. Go out and do your job--be safe and more importantly, don't put your life in danger by listening to somebody that has no idea what they're talking about," McNesby said.

FOX 29 can confirm Police Commissioner Richard Ross has spoken with the district attorney about his visit to the training academy and what Krasner said. Ross did not want to say anymore about that conversation.

"It's a hiccup. Please don't do it again," McNesby said.

The spokesperson for the DA tells a different story on Twitter. calling McNesby's letter and account quote: "wildly inaccurate"...saying Krasner told the cadets about hypothetical cases where the DA would or would charge officers based on the law.

Spokesman Ben Waxman tweeted:
"He (Krasner) did not instruct the cadets on their use of force. The purpose of the event was to assist young officers in avoiding problems during their careers. District Attorney Krasner stands by the statements he made at that time."