FOX 29 Investigates: Police search for suspect in tow truck company shootings

A murder and shooting spree carried out against workers at a local tow truck company left 2 employees dead and another critically wounded in a bloody 24-hour period.

Police say the murders were well planned and carried out execution style. Both were captured on surveillance video and the killer is still on the loose.

"He's my grandson. He was the 5th of 14. He lived life to the fullest when he could."

Marie Fruster says she feels the loss of her grandson Khayyan every day. She misses his smile, his dedication to his two sons and the mother of his two boys.

"He was a hardworking individual and he believed hard work pays off. Work hard, play hard. That was his life," she told FOX 29.

Marie says their lives changed January 13th. That's when surveillance cameras caught the 28-year-old Fruster being gunned down execution style as he jumped into a tow truck on the 6600 block of Hegerman Street headed to work for A-Bob's Towing. The murder happened a block from Fruster's home.

"He had just left the house, had a sandwich or something. Said see ya later and they heard shots," she explained during a recent interview. "There's no rationale, no rationale why they blew my grandson's brains out like that because he just walked up to him and did what he did."

"I believe there were six shots fire," said Homicide Detective Joe Bamberski.

Bamberski and John McNamee are investigating Khayyan Fruster's unsolved murder. As a video shows Fruster was shot one time in the back of the head. His co-worker at A-Bob's, tow truck driver Tom Wilcher, was shot multiple times. They say whoever shot the two men was lying in wait holding a box and a gun. A real pro who carefully planned out the murder and his escape.

"Khayyan Fruster, the deceased victim, was definitely the intended target of this attack," Detective Bamberski said.

"This guy stood there with this package on the phone like he was waiting for the bus. And when it was time to do what he was intending on doing, calmly walked over, no rush. Fired numerous times with the weapon he's carrying and when he fled he held onto that box and gone," Detective McNamee explained.

Somehow tow truck driver Tom Wilcher survived the barrage of gunfire.

"He went to a hospital and got saved at the hospital. That's why he's alive today," Det. McNamee added.

Family members say Khayyan Fruster worked three jobs to support his family. He had no enemies, no criminal record and no threats on his life before the murder.

"I'm not allow to use the words I want to use," Marie Fruster said. "Somebody's mother's son is out there and didn't teach him to respect life."

Fruster's murder is further complicated by another execution style murder caught on camera just 24 hours earlier. It was outside a bar in the 4500 block of Melrose Street. This is where 35-year-old Eric Robinson, another tow truck driver at A-Bob's Towing, was gunned down.

"The shooter walks right up and begins firing as he's walking up and stands over our victim and puts at least one or two more into the victim on the ground," Det. Bamberski said.

Detectives Bamberski and McNamee say Robinson was shot just moments after he walked down the block from A-Bob's Towing on Orthodox Street. He was on his way to see his girlfriend at the Melrose Bar. The detectives believe the killer stalked Robinson to the store next to the bar where cameras captured him inside.

"He's looking for our victim, but he doesn't see him in the store, so he peaks out the window and sees our victim standing outside of the business," Det. McNamee said.

Police say the killer bought a beer and left. He went to his 2015 Hyundai Sonata and drove around the block. He parked the car and returned to the store with his hood up. Robinson was still standing outside speaking with his girlfriend.

"He exits the store and walks immediately over to the victim and basically executes him at that point. He fired seven to eight shots all of which hit the victim--killing him instantly," Det. Bamberski said.

"This is a calculated, premeditated murder. A very calm person who walked up with the intent and carried out what he was here to do. He executed this guy," Det. McNamee added.

The gunman ran from the scene to his Hyundai Sonata, which was parked a block away and drove off. Police quickly found surveillance video of the gunman inside the store buying that beer before the murder.

"This is really clear video. We've had hundreds of cases on video, but this is a good video. There should be no problem making an identification," Det. McNamee said.

Tips have come in and there's a $20,000 reward in each murder. But three months later, the killer is still on the loose. Police believe it's the same suspect, carrying the same caliber gun. The only link so far between both murder victims, and the critically wounded tow truck driver, is all of them worked at A-Bob's Towing.

"Other than the fact that they work together at A-Bobs there's really no connection between the two homicide victims," Detective Bamberski said.

FOX 29 went to A-Bob's towing to see if anyone there had a comment on why three of their fellow employees would be targeted. They're still shaken up and did not want to comment.

Detectives Bamberski and McNamee are now looking for the public's help to catch a killer and Marie Fruster wants to know why a murderer took her grandson's life.

"I want him behind bars because I would like to go visit him every day the rest of his life," Marie Fruster said.

Anyone with information on the killer can call the homicide unit at 215-686-3334 or 3335