Funeral for Bianca Roberson held Friday

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Rain sat heavy on the leaves outside St Paul's Baptist Church in West Chester on Friday as grief weighed down the hearts of those inside. Many of the nearly 800 mourners were bewildered to be there, bearing witness to the senseless loss of 18-year-old Bianca Roberson, a recent high school graduate who was fatally shot during a road rage incident in Pennsylvania.

"There's no reason this should have happened to her," Myia Thomas told FOX 29. "She had her whole life in front, ahead of her."

David Desper, of Trainer, is charged with shooting Roberson in the head as the two tried to merge into a single lane on a highway last Wednesday.

The shooting sparked a manhunt for the 28-year-old Desper, who fled in a red pickup truck. He turned himself in on Sunday. His attorney declined to comment on the charges.

Roberson had just graduated from Bayard Rustin High School in West Chester and was planning to attend Jacksonville University in Florida this fall.

Bianca's father, Rodney Roberson appeared on Good Day Philadelphia Thursday morning to remember this daughter.

"She was a bright young lady, she had a lot of spunk in her," her father explained to Mike Jerrick and Alex Holley.

Rodney went on to explain that Bianca had dreamed of working for the FBI.

"She was also watching CSI, all the time, forensics, something about that. She wanted to be an FBI agent, she was going to school for criminal justice."

Rodney explained that he spends every day trying to put together the pieces of why this all happened, and why Bianca is no longer with us.

"Every day, you try to, or assume, that you can put the pieces together of a puzzle that can't be put together, you just can't see it, "he explained, "Today I'm still struggling with the fact that somebody was able to do something like that. I mean not just with my daughter, with anybody's child."

Rodney explained what he would say to the man charged with shooting Bianca.

"You took away somebody we really loved and cared about it, you didn't even know her, and you took her life. An innocent girl that had a promising future, and you just took her life away. Somebody we loved, you might not have cared about her. I don't know what your thought was that day, but we loved her, we cared about her and you just took her life away," Rodney explained, "There's nothing else I can say to the guy, other than telling him that we loved her and we miss her, and you stole our daughter from us."

Bianca's family has set up a GoFundMe page.