Gator bites 'bigger' gator at Circle B Bar Reserve

While one alligator was busy bellowing, another gator creeped up behind it - and bit it.

Seana Sasnett was out in Circle B Bar Reserve in Lakeland on Wednesday morning. As she was recording video of bellowing gators - which is a normal sound during mating season - she said another alligator glided into the shot, opened its jaws, and clamped down one of the "bigger" gator's neck.

As the fight quickly went underwater, a gator that was not involved in the fight was clearly startled, and jumped out of the way in a hurry. In a separate video, Seana said the gator that was bitten resurfaced and continued bellowing.

"I was just filming the two alligators bellowing and didn't even see a third one until he came in with his mouth opened and bit him," Seana said to FOX 13. "It was exciting to see."

Maybe it was a bit of jealousy during mating season, or maybe not.

Circle B Bar Reserve has been a prime spot for gator watching, and the home of the massive alligator that caught the world's attention in a 2017 viral video.