Generous 9-Year-Old Donates All Her Birthday Gifts to the Poor

One nine-year-old girl in Weymouth, Massachusetts donated all of her birthday gifts to a local police department's Toys For Tots program.

Sivana Athanas went down to the police station with her gifts and wanted to give them away to those less fortunate.

The police department posted about the incident on Facebook.

Last night 9 year old Sivana, who is a third grader at Wessagussett School, came to the station and dropped off a whole...

The girl's mom, Marissa Leavitt, told the Patriot-Ledger: "We've always talked to her about making sure she's thinking about other people and not just herself. I'm very proud of her."

The newspaper said that the police department returned the favor to the third grader by showing up at her school on Thursday with a certificate of recognition from Chief Richard Grimes, police patches, stickers, and $100 Visa gift card.

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