Glassboro School District declares Thursday Corey Clement Day

Glassboro Public School District Superintendent Mark J. Silverstein answered the hopes of the district's proud football fans by declaring that the district would close on Thursday in honor of Corey Clement and the Philadelphia Eagles.

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"It's just a true blessing. I'm so excited for the kids and for the faculty and staff here that they get to have off tomorrow and get to see him in the parade," said Tyra Carite of Glassboro. The community is boiling over with excitement after the Superintendent of Schools announced today that the district is declaring tomorrow Corey Clement day with the Eagles first Super Bowl win. To honor Clement, schools will be closed for families who plan to go to the parade.

"I think they should have done it sooner. I think he did a phenomenal job. We got to celebrate him and the Eagles. 100 yards. He did a great job," said Michael Carney whose taking his family to the parade. Clement played football for Glassboro High where we talked to people leaving a basketball game tonight.

"I actually was his teacher in the sixth grade and I work in the school district. I'm excited that I get a chance to go and I'm really proud of Corey," said Monte Willis. He says Clement's success has really energized students.

"There are a lot of kids that look up to him and are now pushing themselves because they see what really is possible," he said. While the community can't stop talking about Clement's electric touchdown they say it's what he does off the field that makes them so proud of him.

"Every time that he comes here he comes to support the basketball games. He comes to a lot of sporting events. He is from Glassboro but he is Glassboro and that's what we love about him," said Margaret DiPatri.

Clement stopped by Good Day Philadelphia this morning to talk with Mike and Alex. He says he wasn't back for the pep rally at his former high school Monday but hopes to celebrate with them soon.

"I wish I could have been there. Hopefully we can do that all over again whether it's this week or next week," he said and he had a message for his hometown of Glassboro ahead of tomorrow's victory parade.

"They better be there. If y'all not there we got a problem," said Clement.