Local town cracking down on house parties

The Gloucester Township Police Department responded to two large parties which were reported to be loud and out of control, both in residential neighborhoods on Aug. 7.

"It is out of control. I’m sure police here doing their best to take care of it but if they’re here, they’re everywhere for all these parties and the kids are nasty and bad. We’re 78 years old do we need this?" resident Barbara Aquilino said.

Barb and Len Aquilino, longtime residents in the Laurel Springs area of Gloucester Township, are fed up.

According to neighbors and police, several hundred showed up for a for-profit house and pool party and took over the neighborhood.

"The music was obnoxious not only was there a DJ. He was advertising alcohol substances for not only guests and there could’ve been minors," Sherry Walsh said.

Neighbors couldn’t believe how many people showed up. They say there was a security guard collecting tickets and money from guests. 

Another neighbor said it was mayhem when police showed up to manage the situation.

"We’re right next door and I literally walked across the street to the neighbors because I didn’t feel safe. I brought my 7-month-old out of our house to another neighbor," Walsh added.

Police from the township and neighboring communities closed off the street and tried to manage the crowd leaving the house.

Police say the organizers were cited for creating a nuisance.



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