Goats to be used again for weed control in Vermont capital

Goats to be used for weed control in Montpelier, Vermont.

Vermont's capital city is going to be using goats again as a way to control poison ivy and other unwanted plants without herbicides.

The city doesn't want to use the herbicides near the Winooski River and Montpelier High School and the goats are able to digest the poison ivy and other plants.

Assistant City Manager Sue Allen tells the Times Argus the goats are part of a several-year effort to control poison ivy without chemicals near the Montpelier recreation path.

She says the goats eat the poison ivy while other acceptable species can gradually take over the area.

Allen says there will be better fencing and signage this year to keep people and dogs away from the goats, which will be provided by a Moretown goat herder.