‘Good Samaritan' Robs Car Crash Victim After Claiming He Was There to Help

Kimberly was scared and trapped upside down in her vehicle after her car rolled three times during an accident on Sunday.

If this wasn't traumatic enough, she was then robbed by a man posing as a Good Samaritan.

In a Facebook post that since has gone viral, Kimberly's brother, Joshua, drew attention to this horrific act.

Joshua Smith said in his post that a man stopped to "help" his sister, and even found her purse for her. He then claimed he was going to call 911.

Terrified Kimberly begged the man to stay with her until help arrived. He promised he would stay with her, but instead the man got in his truck and drove away--taking Kimberly's wallet, ID, money and credit cards with him.

Suffering from only cuts and bruises, Kimberly was luckily able to get out of her car and look for help by the side of the road. Another stranger stopped and called 911 for her.

Joshua's Facebook post expressed his disgust for the man who robbed his sister.

"If anybody has a 'friend' that is bragging about robbing some girl after she flipped her car this morning, please be a real friend and let us know. He is described as a tall, skinny black male, in his 30's, driving a red pickup truck."

So my sister was in a roll over this morning (car rolled 3 times). Some guy stop to help her. Even found her purse and...