Good Samaritans help police at SUV crash

It's the video that just might re-affirm your faith in humanity. Dashcam footage released to FOX 29 by Westtown-East Goshen regional police shows several Good Samaritans helping officers rescue a driver at the scene of a fiery crash.

It was not quite 1:30 last Wednesday afternoon, just west of the intersection of Routes 3 and 352 in Westtown Twp., Chester County, when a white Honda SUV veered out of control, crashed, overturned and caught fire in the parking lot of the Saints Simon and Jude church and school.

Maintenance supervisor Angelo Golato was returning to the school from lunch and saw the crash.

"I said, 'Oh my God, he's going into our school yard,'" said Golato to FOX 29's Bruce Gordon. And seconds later, "He's right here."

Golato raced to get fire extinguishers from the school and with help from fellow Good Samaritans, including a mystery man who worked from the top of the wrecked SUV, sprayed down the burning engine.

"At the beginning of it, I was scared," said Golato, "Nervous about whether the car was going to blow up."

The driver was outside the burning SUV, pinned beneath the wreckage as police arrived.

"He's trapped under there and the fire's practically right on top of him," Detective Jason Diamond said, "So it was really a matter of moments before this turned tragic."

With a mighty push, the civilian helpers right the vehicle, and seconds later, one of them--known only as Raoul--helped the police drag the driver from the wreckage.

The video is as noteworthy for what you don't see as it is for what you do:

"I think the only one videotaping this incident was my dashcam," Officer Ryan Herman explained. "And there were multiple people out there and all of them were willing to help and they showed it."

They weren't standing around, taping the action, said Herman. Instead, "They actually took action and jumped right in."

The driver of the SUV was hospitalized with relatively minor injuries, given the horrific nature of the crash.

Police say he was speeding and will likely face criminal charges.

As for Angelo Golato?

"I was just thinking, did I do enough?" Plenty.