Family speaks out after woman, 69, killed by tree falling on camper: 'No compassion, no empathy'

A grieving family is left with many unanswered questions as they remember their family member, who was killed in a tragic tree incident in Bucks County Saturday. 

69-year-old Cindy Cousins lost her life Saturday after a tree came toppling down on her RV.

Her family is still grappling with the loss of what was supposed to be a fun, family weekend that ended in absolute devastation.

Gary Darnell is still processing the loss of his sister, Cindy.

He says it was a weekend to get the family all together at Quakerwoods Campground in Milford Township, a place they'd been coming to for more than 40 years.

"It started out as a beautiful weekend. Little rain Friday, Saturday was beautiful, but I never thought that i would have to see the tragedy I did," said Darnell. 

It was 9:30 p.m. Saturday when the family returned from Bingo and shortly after, a tragedy ensued. 

"About 10,10:30 we heard this crash. We were like, is that wind? What is that?... Then we heard screaming. Look outside the door and I see it was right on her RV" said Ayesha Khan. 

A tree crushed Cindy from her neck up. The force also sent her husband, Bob, flying up and out of the camper.

Sources say numerous 911 calls were placed and crews arrived shortly after, pronouncing Cindy dead at the scene.

Her family now wants to share their experience on property grounds.

"I'm really sad how they handled the situation. I feel there was no compassion, no empathy for what we were going through," said Khan. 

"I’m afraid it's gonna happen to someone else - this is an unforeseen tragedy that could’ve been avoided- that's just my opinion," said Darnell. 

The park was open Sunday, but many campers are still without power.

"I believe it's a major safety issue with electricity in the trees- that's my top issue. If someone were to get injured or killed, god forbid it happens to anyone else," said the brother. 

Now, as they work through this devastating loss- they want people to remember Cindy-- and the life she lived.

"She was super proud of her kids, proud of her grandkids - that's all she could talk about, and she was so sweet," said Khan. 

The Bucks County coroner ruled the manner of death an accident.

Cindy's husband, Bob, was treated for minor injuries, and is doing okay.

FOX 29 reached out to Quakerwoods Campground for comment, but have not heard back as of this evening.

On Monday, Pennsylvania State Police announced the launch of an accidental death investigation.