Good Samaritans rescue 7 from sinking boat off Cape May

Seven people were rescued by good Samaritans after their boat sank off the Coast of Cape May, New Jersey, Saturday.

The Coast Guard received a distress call around 9 a.m. that the Beach Runner, a boat with seven people aboard, was rapidly taking on water approximately nine miles offshore at Cape May reef.

Crews from the Miss Addison and the Porgy IV, both good Samaritan vessels, responded to aid the sinking ship.

The Beach Runner sank en route to shore, which resulted in all seven people entering the water. All were wearing life jackets.

Coast Guard officials say the crew of the Miss Addison took the boaters aboard and safely brought them to Cape May.

"This is a perfect example of boaters and the maritime community doing the right thing in an emergency situation," said David Umberger, command duty officer at Coast Guard Sector Delaware Bay.

"From everyone wearing life jackets to all boaters having radios tuned to channel 16 - this case illustrates how good communication and safety measures bring rescuers together to quickly and effectively help those who are in need."