Lori Vallow indicted on conspiracy to commit murder of former husband; Chad Daybell will not face charges

A grand jury in Maricopa County indicted Lori Vallow on one count of conspiracy to commit murder regarding the death of her former husband.

The indictment states that, "Lori N. Vallow, on or about July 11, 2019, with the intent to promote or aid the commission of an offense, to-wit: First Degree Murder, agreed with Alexander Cox that at least one of them or another would engage in conduct constituting the offense of First Degree Murder."

On July 7, the Maricopa County Attorney's Office said they would not be prosecuting Chad Daybell for conspiracy to commit murder in the Charles Vallow case.

Chandler Police had submitted an investigation into Lori Vallow regarding the death of Charles Vallow to the Maricopa County Attorney's Office on April 1. Officials had submitted a charge against Daybell for review that same day.

This comes after Vallow and her husband Chad Daybell were indicted in the deaths of her children, JJ Vallow, Tylee Ryan, and Daybell's first wife, Tammy.


Charles Vallow

Charles Vallow was killed in 2019 following a shooting at a Chandler home. According to Chandler Police officials at the time, Vallow was shot by his brother-in-law, who we now know is Alex Cox. Cox died in December 2019.

Lori Vallow is now facing two counts of murder, three counts of conspiracy to commit murder in Idaho.

In Idaho, Vallow was committed to a mental health facility for treatment and was found unfit to stand trial at this time.

Meanwhile, her husband, Chad, pleaded not guilty to murder charges on June 9.

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Attorney declines to prosecute Chad Daybell

The Maricopa County Attorney's Office declined to prosecute Chad Daybell for conspiracy to commit murder in the Charles Vallow case, citing that there was no reasonable likelihood of conviction.

In a probable cause statement submitted by Chandler Police, authorities said there was "no obvious communication found between Lori Vallow and Chad Daybell to show that he was directly involved with the planning of Charles Vallow's murder."

However, in that same statement, officials said two unidentified people alleged Lori had received advice and direction from Daybell.

Charles Vallow's sister and brother-in-law react

"This is finally shaping up to be the day we wanted a long time ago," said Larry Woodcock.

The date July 11, 2019, will always be engraved in Kay and Larry Woodcock's memory.

"Everybody loved Charles. He was a good guy," Kay said.

Kay lost her brother, Charles Vallow, to a fatal shooting in Chandler.

Alex Cox told police that his brother-in-law Charles became enraged and hit him in the head with a metal bat. The alleged fight resulted in Charles being shot twice in the chest.

As investigators arrived, Charles' then-wife Lori Vallow giggled and smiled even after what just happened

"She needs some serious help. I want her to get help. I'm worried about her," said Charles to Gilbert police months earlier.

Charles pleaded with police to help get Lori mentally evaluated on a psych hold. He then filed for divorce before changing his mind.

But court paperwork alleged that Lori believed she was a god and threatened to kill him. Charles, sounding the alarm before his death.

After the shooting, Lori moved to Rexburg, Idaho with her kids, JJ Vallow and Tylee Ryan.

Within weeks, the siblings vanished before being found dead on the property of Chad Daybell, Lori's new husband.

"She didn't protect them and she didn't protect Charles. She could have handled this a million different ways. She could have gotten a divorce, and it would have been done," Kay said.

Now a grand jury indictment filed in Maricopa County accuses Lori Vallow of conspiring with her brother Alex to murder Charles.

Alex died months after the July 2019 shooting. Lori, the only one still alive who saw it unfold.

"To simply know there is justice in process. Those wheels are turning," Larry said.

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