Graves vandalized at Feltonville cemetery

A Philadelphia family is in shock and spooked as a loved ones resting place falls victim to vandals.

"They don't have no respect for the dead. You know, once a person dies it should be in peace whatever place they are I don't know why they did this can't they let them be in peace," Iris Roman told FOX 29.

Iris Roman's mother was buried at Greenmount cemetery 12 years ago, but this week, her family had a rude surprise at the gravesite.

"It was scary for me because I believe that symbol has something related with the devil," she said.

A makeshift pentagram was spray-painted just inches away from her mother's headstone.

"It scared us. We didn't know what to do. It made us feel more sad than anything she was more of a Christian woman."

Family members took pictures and contacted the cemetery management, asking about security on the sacred grounds.

"They keep the gates open 24 hours there's no protection," Santiago said.

It appears it was an isolated act in Greenmount, but nonetheless upsetting for the family.