Group holds rally outside Philadelphia police headquarters in response to social media investigation

A group held a rally outside Philadelphia police headquarters Friday as they call for 10 officers to be kicked off the force for allegedly posting racist or violent comments on social media.

The officers in question were part of a national investigation by the database group Plain View Project.

Their report found more than 300 posts by former and current Philadelphia officers that are at times racist and appear to incite violence.

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Police commissioner Richard Ross called the comments deeply disturbing, and then 10 officers have been removed from street duty during the investigation.

The NAACP also wants answers.

“They're not only bold but more tragic than that, they feel that they're in an environment where they have a comfort level now that they can do this kind of thing on a public platform, and there are no consequences, and that's where we're calling on the high command,” explained Minister Rodney Muhammad, Philadelphia’s NAACP president.

Philadelphia police say they will also be implementing anti-bias training.