Group of teens start nonprofit to help others during pandemic

A group of teens started a nonprofit to help those in need in their community during the COVID-19 pandemic.

“Hi, my name is Wilzy Alvarez, I’m Shane Holland, Zach Anderson, I’m Ariana Cabrera, I’m Juan Adonez.”

They call themselves the "Leaders of Tomorrow" because they’re all still in their teens but if you look how they’ve stepped up during this challenging time, you could make a strong argument that they’re leading today.


They came together over a year ago to encourage young Philadelphians to get involved in making communities better but something Juan saw recently encouraged them to focus on needs people have right now.

“Being kids in the community the adults always stepped up and helped us. I saw a guy at Walmart who was playing the violin for money because he had to feed his three kids and that touched me and made me want to step up and do something better," he said.

And so that’s what they did, FOX 29's Bill Anderson joined them for a morning meeting Monday as they reflected on their last venture and planned their next.

“Some people they can’t leave their houses, either their immune system won’t let them, or they have little kids and they don’t want to risk it, so we just went around Philadelphia for a day and dropped off care packages for them," Ariana said.

Some of the groceries and toiletries in the care packages were donated, while some they bought but after seeing the response they’re planning another and hopeful that other young people would be inspired to do the same.

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