Gun buyback event successfully held in Kensington

Officials in Philadelphia hosted a successful gun buyback event in Kensington on Saturday afternoon. 

The Gun Buyback event was held at two churches in Kensington and was hosted by the City Council and the Father's Day Rally Committee. It was held with support from the Philadelphia police and the Pennsylvania Attorney General Josh Shapiro. 

This was the third such event held so far in 2021. Previously more than 400 firearms were turned in. 

Recipients receive a $100 gift card for groceries at Browns ShopRite stores and today also at Cousins Supermarkets. 

On Saturday, a total of 50 firearms were turned in and taken off Philly streets forever. One gun was a semi automatic assault weapon, an SKS. There were 4 other rifles returned and the rest were handguns. 

"Every gun taken out of circulation is ultimately destroyed by Phila police, and can never be used to cause harm or tragedy in the home or streets of Philadelphia," officials said. 

The next Gun Buyback event will be held in June. 



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