Haddonfield Safe working to protect neighborhood after recent string of burglaries, break-ins

Neighbors in a small town in South Jersey are fed up with the recent crime, so now they are working alongside police to keep their streets safe.

A typically-quiet community in South Jersey says it has been plagued with a string of recent break-ins and burglaries. Now, residents of the tight-knit town are taking action to help keep their streets safe.

Fox 29’s Jennifer Joyce attended the first official 'Haddonfield Safe' community meeting Monday.

A few dozen people came out to learn more about how the Haddonfield community is working together to support the local police department and ultimately better protect their neighborhoods.

Over the last several months, surveillance video showing brazen home break-ins throughout the quiet and upscale borough of Haddonfield has rallied the community to come together.

Less than two months after a citizen-led town hall meeting, a newly formed community group called "Haddonfield Safe" held its first official meeting at a local coffee shop, Jersey Java.

Chadd Levine, one of the founders of Haddonfield Safe, announced two big updates Monday one of which was the launch of a GoFundMe page.

The goal is to raise $30,000 dollars for the Haddonfield Police Department, which will cover the cost of six license plate readers to monitor traffic and assist in crime-fighting.  

The second, is the creation of a brand-new text line that feeds tips directly to the police.

"It’s gonna be the first time where we can allow the community in a convenient way to finally report tips," said Chadd Levine, Haddonfield Safe co-founder. 

People at the meeting Monday night supported the initiative.

"I have a dog, I'm outside all the time. I'd be happy to use the text line and if it helps them apprehend somebody doing unfavorable things, I'm all for it," said Amy James, Haddonfield resident. 

More than that, they’re supporting this community-led effort to make their community safer immediately.

"I think it's a great effort. I'm enthusiastic about what they're doing," said James. 

Haddonfield Safe says both the GoFundMe page and the text line are up and running now.

The text line is 856- 336-9311. The group says it plans to hold meetings quarterly.