Hank's Take: Fidget Spinners and Cubes taking over the school yard

It seems like every kid these days has got themselves a Spinner or a Fidget Cube. The tiny toys are taking over.

A month ago, most hadn't heard of them, and now every kid in my neighborhood has one.

"I was going to get one for my birthday but then I got one for Easter. And I wanted a white one and I got a white one," little Dez explained.

So, I cut across the street to see Mike, Ronnie, and Breanna, who had two fidget spinners and a fidget cube among them.

They are just toys, but their dad Mike loves them!

"I don't know whether they like the gravity spin on their fingers, but it really settles them down. It works!

There's a reason for that, says Susan McCredie, who sells Fidget gadgets at her Learning Express stores in Richboro and Newtown. The toys are designed specifically for kids with ADD and ADHD, to give them something to fiddle with so they can focus.

"It stimulates the part of the mind that gets bored, so they can fidget with that, and then they can be creative thinking otherwise. The part that gets bored gets stimulated, and it helps them focus the other part of their brain," McCredie explained.

My son Henry usually keeps his spinner on him, his school allows kids to bring them. But he says the selection's blown up since he first got his more than a month ago.

"Now they have LED ones, glow in the dark ones, and ones that have caps here that you can spin on tables and stuff," Henry explained.

Fine, I bought a glow-in-the-dark spinner from Susan and brought it into work, playing with it the whole time. It's a little addictive. I showed it around, but Producer Aaron Inver was way ahead of me.

He already had one.

I'm starting to love mine too, I was going to pass it on to one of my sons, but I might hang onto it. There are no real sales numbers yet because this Fidget industry is just taking off. But, when Forbes calls fidget spinners the office toy of 2017, and Susan says she can't keep them in stock, this isn't the last you'll hear.

Trust me.

I'm Hank, and that's my take.