Hank's Take: Finding zen before the Eagles begin their playoff push

The Eagles are back in the playoffs and excitement around Philadelphia has built to a fever pitch ahead of their game against the Chicago Bears this Sunday.

For the second straight season the Eagles enter the playoffs as the underdog with backup Nick Foles under center. Eagles fans want to believe that history is repeating itself from last year, when the Eagles hoisted their first Lombardi Trophy.

But Philadelphia fans know as well as any that sports are unpredictable, and trying to map out a playoff outcome is enough to crazy. It is almost as if finding a level of zen is the only way to get through the a playoff push.

"In Buddhism, pertaining to anything in general whether it is life or sports or whatever the case may be, you must be able to follow the middle path," said Hya a Buddhist monk at the Khmer Palelai Buddhist Monastery on 58th Street.

In sports it is often hard to find a middle path, it is either win or lose. Obviously not many fans enter a game with shared feelings about both extremes. The goal is to win and anything less is pure devastation, especially in a football crazy town like Philadelphia.

"If you win, you have got to be able to accept it, if you lose you have got to be able to accept it," said Hya.

The monks are also right about us having to live with the outcome, though, to most of us winning is a whole lot easier than losing.

Neither Hya is not a big sports fans, but offers sage advice as the excitement builds for Sunday's game.