Hank's Take: How have you been handling 2020?

If 2020 is dragging you down, you are certainly not alone. However, everyone has the power to create a different outcome. 

The man known as Philly Jesus, whose real name is Michael, says that he’s getting through this year the same way he has before by dressing up at Jesus and preaching the gospel.  

“It's a mystery! Enjoy the mystery! In Jesus' name — enjoy it,” said Micheal.

He continued, “We're all on a pilgrimage. This Planet Earth is just temporary, you know? We all have to prepare ourselves for eternity.”

After COVID-19 and the killing of George Floyd, many artists are expressing themselves through works on the walls of a shop on South Broad. 

“Everybody that's going through something, they pass by here and hear nice music and maybe for a second they forget about their problems - if they listen for more than a second,” said Darryl, a Rittenhouse guitar player. 

Music, religion, and art are all ways to cope with the incomprehensible and to communicate with the unknown. 

“Sound body, sound mind. And through music is the language- don't have to speak no English or German or French. For you to understand music, I don't have to say a word and you receive the message,” said Marshall Allen.

Allen is leader of the legendary Sun Ra Arkestra, which spearheads free-form music. At 96, he's seen more bigotry and disease than most people ever will.  It's why from inside that Germantown row home- through avant-garde jazz - that Allen left earth behind for parts unknown decades ago.

If Philly Jesus and the Sun Ra Arkestra can create worlds of their own that manifest happiness, you can too!  Take charge of the world between your ears, and work it like a ball of clay. We're in a funk right now, and we need you to shine your light.

I'm Hank, and that's my take.


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