Hank's Take: Residents fed up with abandoned cars

City residents are fed up with abandoned cars in their neighborhoods and even more fed up with the response from officials about the issue.

For one resident in Germantown, the run around from the PPA and the Philadelphia Police has left him frustrated. A seemingly abandoned truck sports a flat tire and has registration stickers that are three years out of date.

Another vehicle's stereo has been ripped out and there's a battery on the back floor - but its stickers are current.

Dr. Marjorie Leavitt has repeatedly called 311 about abandoned cars on her street including an old grey Buick and a GMC Yukon -- both with flat tires and old stickers. Her call with 311 was interrupted.

But who gets to determine whether or not a car is abandoned?

One resident says that he owns one of the vehicles. He's waiting on parts to be delivered and he's planning on fixing the rest.

So, when does one person's vehicle in need of repair become another person's abandoned car?

Philly police say they do look at flat tires, out of date stickers, fluid underneath the car, and broken windows. They also run tags and VIN numbers to check if the car's been stolen.

It is up to an officer's discretion -- a ticket can be issued or the case is turned over to neighborhood services.

Police also say if someone claims the car they're not inclined to ticket or tow it.