Haverford School headmaster placed on administrative leave after arrest

The Haverford School's headmaster Dr.John Nagl is on administrative leave after police charged the man with allegedly assaulting his son at their Haverford home.

No one answered the door at headmaster's house, which sits behind the prestigious, private all boys school. According to court papers, the father and son got into a fight after Nagl took the boy's cell phone away as punishment for finding marijuana in his backpack. Court documents indicate Nagl's son initiated a physical altercation and the dad responded by putting the boy in a chokehold to quote "end the altercation quickly".

"I was surprised because of his position I know he's from military and has that background but I was surprised," said Ardmore resident Alison Smith.

The Haverford issued a statement about Dr. Nagl's simple assault charge saying quote

"The Haverford School realizes the serious concerns this charge raises in our community and has dedicated resources toward assessing the situation in its entirety, both fairly and deliberately."

Nancy Schultz of Haverford says she's heard wonderful things about Headmaster Nagl. She believes it's a family issue and hopes the misdemeanor charge does not affect his future at the school.