Heart-Thumping GoPro Footage Shows Hero Motorcyclist Saving Kitten from Busy Road

Cat lovers everywhere have a new hero: this Oklahoma motorcycle rider risked her own safety to rescue a helpless kitten from a busy intersection and the heart-thumping moment was all caught on video.

The hero, who preferred to give only her first name, Laney, told INSIDE EDITION she was on her way to work with her helmet GoPro running on Monday when the cat fell from a passing car.

"He fell out from underneath a car," said Laney, who's guessing the kitten is a stray. "Maybe he went up there for warmth."

Laney was stopped at a red light when the cat tumbled out, but didn't notice him until traffic started coming right for him.

Nonetheless, Laney leaped from her motorcycle and made for the kitten. All the while, at least two cars came within a hair's breadth of the frightened creature before motorists realized what was happening and stopped in both directions.

It's not clear in the video by E511/ ViralHog whether the cat was harmed until Laney has scooped her up in her hands.

Miraculously, "the fall didn't hurt him at all," Laney said.

Because the car from which the kitten fell bore the logo of a local business, Laney has since reached out to the woman who may have been behind the wheel. Though, she hopes her hunch is right and the cat is a stray.

"I'm hoping we can keep him," Laney told INSIDE EDITION. 'We were thinking about getting another kitten, so this worked out well."

Meanwhile, Laney has affectionately dubbed the kitten Skidmark.

For the record, Laney explained that she usually wears her GoPro while riding her motorcycle for insurance purposes so she has evidence should she get into an accident.

Laney admitted, however: "This is the first cool thing that's happened to me."

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