Help needed for dog, owner who have fallen on hard times

A dog who was beaten and even shot got a chance at a new life three years ago. Nobody wanted to adopt him but then a man came along. He took one look at the dog and said: "I want him." But now that man has fallen on hard times, and the two are temporarily separated.

Big Valley didn't have an easy life, that was until he met Anthony Thomas three years ago. Thomas wanted a dog and went to LifeLine Animal Project to adopt.

"He walked up to the cage and sniffed and tail moving. And I said this one right here, so she told me, the young lady told me he's been through a lot, he's been shot, tied to a tree and beaten… I've been through some things, so that's the one for me," said Thomas.

That day they walked out of the shelter together and have together ever since.

"My wife says he acts like me because he's just laid back, whatever I want to do is what he wants to do, anytime you grab the car keys he's ready. We have six grandkids he loves," said Thomas.

Everything was great until Anthony was injured and unable to work. His family lost their home so now they're now staying with other family members. But there was no room for Big Valley, so LifeLine will keep him until Anthony can get back on his feet. Something that's not easy for Thomas.

"Oh my God, I cried every day. The hard part is leaving him here, especially when I look back and he's trying to pull back towards me. it's hard. It's like leaving your child," said Thomas.

Anthony needs a place for his wife and six grandchildren for around a $1,000 a month rent. But the hardest part of the search is finding someone who will allow pit bulls, a problem Lifeline sees all the time.

"It's heartbreaking. You can tell these people and their dogs have bonded and love each other and to have to say goodbye it's tough and shouldn't be that way," said Karen Hirsch, Lifeline Animal Project.

LifeLine helped set up a YouCaring account for Anthony Thomas and Big Valley. Thomas said he's lucky to LifeLine's help because he's not putting his friend up for adoption

"They're a Godsend. Like a family," said Thomas.

Anyone who would like to help can click here