Hermine remains post-tropical storm, not expected to directly impact our region

Hermine remains a post-tropical storm, but the latest models looks like it is trying to maintain its current intensity at 70 mph.

Even though the storm continues to track farther east than forecast it still looks like it is trying to turn to the north and possibly the northwest.

The track for the National Hurricane Center continues to suggest this however it looks more and more unlikely that there will be any major direct impacts to our region.

Moving into Monday, the storm will still be an intense area of low pressure with a large area of tropical storm force winds extending out close to 200 miles from the storm center. This will continue to create large waves, beach erosion, and a high risk of rip currents.

The coastal flooding has remained minor and the highest high tide will be Monday morning. It should be minor again with maybe a few locations touching moderate.

High tide is between 10 and 11 AM with an hour or so later in the back bays. There will still be rough surf late Monday and Tuesday but as the storm creeps north our wind may shift to a Northwest direction helping to clear out the back bays.

As for rain and wind: The storm will be as close as it's going to get to the area Monday given a turn to the north or even northwest. It will not be as nice along the coast Monday as it was surprisingly on Sunday.

A few models bring some of the outer bands close enough to the area to give some rain to coastal counties, but nothing more than a passing shower. Gusts could be near 30 mph, a little higher than today.