High School Football team crowns three-year-old homecoming queen

DENVER, CO (WTXF) - A high school in Denver, Colorado just named their youngest homecoming queen ever.

The team decided to give the title to three-year-old Avelynn, who was born with heart complications and has had multiple open heart surgeries in her short life.

The Manual High School football team first met Avelynn as part of a community service project. Members of the team went to the little girl's home, and beautified her backyard.

They transformed her yard into a beautiful lawn where she could play.

"When we saw that little girl walk out onto her new lawn it touched my heart so much, I wanted to cry," one football player told Fox 8.

The boys were so inspired by Avelynn's journey, they wanted to do something more.

So they thought, what better way to honor the little girl, than crowning her queen.

The team invited Avelynn and her family to their homecoming football game, and crowned her homecoming queen in the middle of a field full of cheering fans.

"To see this girl walk out and be crowned queen. Something she won't probably experience ever, so it really means a lot to us," running back Losseny Kone told Fox 8.

The team may have lost their homecoming game, but to one special little girl, they are the true winners.