Home partially collapses in West Mount Airy

SKYFOX was over the scene of a partial house collapse in Philadelphia's West Mount Airy neighborhood Tuesday morning.

Emergency crews responded to the home on the 7000 block of Lincoln Drive around 5 a.m.

Footage from the scene shows the collapsed facade of the home strewn into the front yard of the property.

Miss Lee-Taylor knew something wasn't right she says immediately after somebody bought the long vacant twin to her house a few weeks ago and started major work on it. L&I officials confirm what city records show no building permit for 7029 Lincoln Drive.

"They were doing demolition in the house. I'm thinking they were going to renovate. I did notice cracks in my wall," Lee-Taylor said.

According to Lee-Taylor, there were big cracks on her side where the homes join--top to bottom in a matter of days.

"There was a big crack and I was concerned because the roof looked like it was lifting," Lee-Taylor.

She took more pictures--just hours before the collapse. She had reached out to her new neighbor who stopped by and contacted called her insurance company.

L&I agents have placed both houses off-limits until both of the structures are repaired or made safe from further collapse.

No one was injured.