Homeless Man Gets Makeover, Courtesy of Kind Police Officers

(INSIDE EDITION) Bobby had been living rough for a while. His hair and beard were bushy and matted. His clothes were filthy, and so was he.

The man who'd been hanging out in the streets of Rome in upstate New York was in dire need of a haircut and a hot shower.

And so officers from the police department did just that -- giving him a place to clean up and then cutting and trimming his unruly hair.

He even got a new pair of red sneakers and a bag of clean, donated clothes.

Bobby, whose last name was not disclosed, was "down on his luck" when he ran into Officer Aaron Page downtown, according to the department's Facebook page.

He mentioned how he'd like to clean himself up, and Page told him to come down to the station the next day.

Bobby did, and was greeted by Page and several colleagues, who picked up scissors, a razor and a hair clipper to coif Bobby back into shape.

"Giving back and providing a helping hand" is what the officers had in mind, according to the department.

The cops also rounded up donated shirts and pants for Bobby.

His were in a sorry state. His dirt-encrusted jean bomber jacket looked like it could stand up by itself and his shirt was squalidly soiled.

"Through Officer Page, we were able to make that happen," the department said of its clean-up efforts.

"Bobby left looking like a whole new person and couldn't thank us enough."