Horse lays its head on owner's coffin

There were dozens of family and friends mourning the sudden loss of a 34-year-old man killed in a motorcycle crash in Brazil. And among the grieving was Sereno, the beloved horse of Wagner Lima, who died New Year's Day.

The bereft gray horse brayed, stomped his feet and laid his head on his owner's coffin, according to the deceased's brother, Wando Lima, the Paraiba news site reported.

"This horse was everything to him. It was as if the horse knew what was happening and wanted to say goodbye," the brother said. "All the way to the cemetery, he would whimper and beat his paws on the ground."

The brother said he would now care for the Sereno, which Wagner considered his best friend

Mourners were heartbroken by the animal's behavior.

Sereno "began to walk around coffin, smelling the coffin. Then he neighed," Kyioshi Abreu told The Dodo website. "It was a very strong emotion. Everyone who was there was moved. I cried myself when I saw that scene."

Led by a weeping Wando, Sereno marched with tearful funeralgoers to Wagner's final resting place in the city of Cajazeiras, in the country's northeast region.