Hoverboard sparks multiple fires in California home

Another hoverboard fire...

This time, the explosion started other fires inside a home in the hilly neighborhood surrounding Vista Del Lago High School in Folsom, California.

The Folsom Fire Department responded to a call unlike any other they've ever had before.

Captain Phil Challinor said, "For me and my jurisdiction, this is our first hover board fire."

As photos shared by the home owner show - the damage was extensive.

"There were some sparks and then some embers emanated from it. Through the investigation we revealed some scorching some marks on the carpet. And it did cause fire and damage to the home as well as destroying the hover board," Challinor said.

The popular holiday gift uses a new type of battery which can run hot, especially when charging.

And that has caused fires across the U.S., enough cases to even force airlines to ban them from flying.

"We have seen an increase in this type of battery, the lipo type battery with the potential, because through the charge process they do generate and put off a little more heat," Challinor said.

The homeowners told us off camera they were charging their hover board for half hour to forty five minutes when it made several noises, knock and then a pop. Then the board exploded with debris flying 15 feet.

That started several other fires around their home.

Firefighters fear more fires like this could be coming.

"I think it's a real possibility for anybody with any type of electric control toy, be a hover board or remote control car or anything especially with it being around the time of the holidays when a lot of those gifts have now been given out. And we just try to do our best about educating the public about the potentials of those," Challinor said.

In fact the homeowners said they had been using their hover board for 6 weeks. Using it well before Christmas, and that they did not buy one of the cheaper models.