Hundreds of students walkout in support of suspended teacher

Students at a New Jersey high school are showing their support for a teacher who was suspended for his comments about the Florida school shooting.

"We have been held accountable in all aspects of our learning and now we want to hold you accountable for keeping teachers that truly change lives and shape us into the young adults that you want us to be," said Lauren Atkin. A packed gymnasium for the Cherry Hill School Board meeting.

Parents and students are fired up over two things. Timothy Locke an AP history teacher is allegedly on administrative leave and concerns about the safety of schools in the district namely Cherry Hill High School East.

"We absolutely won't stop until our voices are heard, until Mr. Locke is back in b147 and until we can go to school without worrying that we can make it home or not," said one student. Board of Education members say they can't legally or ethically discuss specifics about the teacher but say there are a lot of rumors going around.

"I want to be clear there are no facts. Everything is conjecture. An investigation is underway," said Barry Dickinson to the upset crowd. Locke reportedly spoke to his class about the deadly Parkland shooting and concern about school safety at Cherry Hill East which led to student protests and walk outs after he was allegedly removed from class.

"Mr. Locke once told me in AP World History class last year that if you see something that's not right, say it and solve the problem. That's what I'm trying to do," said 12th grader Sammy Miller.

Parents have mixed feelings about whether they feel schools in the Cherry Hill District are safe.

"Our schools in Cherry Hill are safe but we need to take it to that second level," said Rick Short. Lisa Zaretsky said, "These kids are scared and they don't feel safe so I'm hoping that tonight is the beginning of change."