'Keep on fighting': Hundreds protest in Philadelphia after leaked Roe v. Wade draft opinion

People in Philadelphia are making their voices heard on abortion rights.

Massive crowds gathered outside Philadelphia City Hall Tuesday night singing, "We're going to keep on marching, keep on fighting, fighting up to freedom land."

Hundreds came to protest after the Supreme Court's draft opinion on Roe v. Wade was leaked Monday. The draft, which was confirmed authentic by Chief Justice John Roberts, suggest the court may overturn the landmark abortion ruling.

"When women's rights are under attack, what do we do? Stand up, fight back," said Greyson Van Arsdale, an organizer with the group "Socialist Alternative."

People in Philadelphia make their voices heard on abortion rights.

He says the decision affects literally everyone.

"Of course it affects women, and it also affects queer people," he said. "I'm a trans man whose body will also be affected by this and everybody who knows someone like that whose family is not ready to have a child."

Hundreds marched late into the night for what they call mass pressure to preserve abortions rights.

"My body. My choice. My body. My choice," chanted dozens of UPenn students who marched from the center of campus to Locust Street. 

Abby Gustafson brought her 8-year-old daughter Libby to the protests, saying she wants to speak up for her daughter and her future.

"I want her to be able to have all the choices she wants, to be able to make it the future and I don't want choices to be made for her," Gustafson said.


Those who are against abortion celebrated the Supreme Court's opinion.

"We’re happy to see women cared for by not having abortions and, of course, the fundamental right is the right to life and the unborn are humans," said Tony Stevens with the Pro-life Union of Greater Philadelphia. 

With elections looming, including a new governor in Pennsylvania, both sides of the issue are ready for a fight.