Ice-T pushes for DNA testing in Chester murder case

A Delaware County man in prison for decades for murder maintains he did not do it. Now, he has star Ice-T in his corner who is pushing for DNA testing.

"Leroy, from what I understand has been in prison for 39 years for a crime he didn't commit. Now, all he is fighting for his DNA testing but they refused to test," Ice-T said in a video on

Leroy Evans was convicted and imprisoned for the 1980 murder of Emily Leo in the city of Chester. With a little physical evidence to go on, prosecutors convicted Evans largely on the word of his codefendant, Anthony Jones.

Evans' attorney Mike Malloy interviewed Jones in prison in 2016 and recorded Jones admitting he committed the murder and that Evans--nickname June--was not involved.

Malloy wants the Evans case reopened and Evans' DNA matched against evidence like the clothesline allegedly used to choke the victim.

"I always tell people, whether it's Ice-T or the mailman who comes to my office and read about this case you're going to have some deep questions about what's going on," Malloy said.

A Leo family spokesman told us last December that DNA testing is unnecessary that the conviction was legitimate.

"Mr. Evans is guilty as charged and deserves to remain in prison," Leo family spokesman John Kaisner said.

The case now with Ice-T's involvement has taken on political overtones. Among those calling for DNA testing is Jack Stollsteimer, a Democrat and the likely challenger for the Delaware County District Attorney against incumbent Republican Katayoun Copeland.

"Test It, at least. If his DNA is on the evidence I think his case will be closed. But if he's telling the truth and his DNA is not on the evidence, then I think it calls into question the entire conviction," Stollsteimer said.