'I'm gonna blow his brains out:' Fletcher Cox 911 call released

FOX 29 has obtained the 911 call made by Eagles defensive lineman Fletcher Cox as he says someone tried to break into his home in Gloucester County.

In the call, Cox tells dispatchers he is armed with a shotgun and is willing to shoot whoever was trying to break in.

"I got somebody trying to break into my house and I'm about to blow his brains out right now," Cox is heard saying to the 911 operator. 

911 dispatcher: "Any idea who it is?"

Fletcher: Cox: "I don't. He's busted. He's busting my door up, part of my door, I have a shotgun. He come in the house I'm gonna blow his brains out."

911 dispatcher: "What's your name sir?"

Fletcher Cox: "Fletcher Cox. Do you hear this? Do you hear it? I swear to you, he got about 30 seconds."

*Glass shattering*

911 dispatcher: "Mr. Cox can you get somewhere where you're, you're secure?"

Fletcher Cox: "I am. I am secure, but I have my shotgun and I swear to God he's busting every window out of my house right now."

*Glass shattering*

911 dispatcher: "Is there any way you can lock yourself in a room?"

Fletcher Cox: "I'm gonna stand in my door, if he comes in my house, I mean, I'm telling you right now my gun is off safety and I'm gonna blow his brains out."

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According to investigators, Cox is dating the ex-girlfriend of the suspect. She was reportedly inside the home at the time of the incident.

Police say the man came to the residence and threw rocks through the windows of the woman's car. He then reportedly tried to force his way into the home throwing rocks through the front door and pulling of the knob. According to police, suspect was armed with a baseball bat and also attempted to enter the garage several times. 

The suspect fled the area and reportedly lead police on high-speed chase through Woolwich Township. Officers suspended the chase after the suspect's erratic driving became a concern for public safety.

An investigation revealed the man had been making suicidal statements to the ex-girlfriend via text message. He also allegedly sent the woman pictures of himself with a gun.

After the incident, Cox missed practice the next day but refused to reveal details about whether or not the incident was related to his absence. 

"I’m only here to talk about football. I’m not here to discuss my personal life," Cox told the media. "If you got anything, you know interesting about the Eagles and the Buffalo Bills organization, I’ll talk about it. Anything else, I’m not interested in it.”