Inflation continues into holiday season

It doesn’t matter if you shop at the supermarket, the shopping mall or online, the price of just about everything is going up. Inflation is the highest in decades and it’s not coming down for the holidays.

From gas to food, to housing, 2021 has been sticker shock. 

"I’m broke. It’s expensive. Everything is almost double," said Gill Esparza from Ridley Park. His family of three is feeling the inflation pinch like most everyone else.

FOX 29’s Chris O'Connell went grocery shopping for a typical Thanksgiving dinner at a Delco ShopRite store to demonstrate how much prices have gone up. We used the 2020 Farm Bureau’s Annual Thanksgiving Dinner Cost Survey to compare prices. For instance, in 2020 a 16-pound turkey was $19.39. This year, it's more than $23 for the same bird. Sweet potatoes up over a dollar. Peas up 60 cents. Last year, a gallon of whole milk was $3.09. This year it rose to $4.43.

"Inflation right now is about 6.2 percent the tightest it’s been in 30 years," said Dan Roccato a personal finance expert for He says supply chain issues, labor shortages and higher gas prices are the root causes of recent inflation. Problems that may not end soon.

"I suspect we are going to see this carry on to the early part of 2020 at least. Certainly, for this holiday season that means you and I will be spending more money throwing a party and giving gifts" Roccato said.

Back at the supermarket, the grand total of our Thanksgiving dinner was $51.25 compared to $41.34 in 2020. More than 20% increase over last year's list.

It's a surprise for the Esparza family who are trying to make more to pay for more.

"It’s hard. It’s very hard. You keep working. Overtime. he works as much overtime as he can," said Susan Esparza.

All the food purchased for this story will be donated to the Media Food Bank.



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