'It's an everyday pain': Balloon release held for Bianca Roberson to mark 5 years since her murder

Family and friends gathered for a balloon release to mark five years since Bianca Roberson’s life was taken in a road rage incident back in 2017. 

Bianca’s mother, Michelle is still shaken to her core over the loss of her daughter, who was only 18 when she was shot and killed. 

"It’s an everyday pain," said Michelle. "You wake up every morning, and they’re not here, and they’re not coming back."

Authorities say David Desper shot Bianca Roberson in the head as they drove on Route 100 in West Chester in June 2017. Investigators say she was in the right lane and Desper was to her left trying to merge as his lane was ending. Police ultimately ruled Bianca’s death a result of road rage. 

In 2018, Desper pleaded guilty to third-degree murder charges and was later sentenced to 20-40 years in prison, but for Bianca’s grieving mother, it will never be enough. 

"People keep telling me it gets better with time. It gets worse with time because as the years go by, it's just more years that you have not seen them," Michelle said. 

On Tuesday evening, Bianca’s loved ones held up purple and orange balloons—purple being Bianca’s favorite color and orange to represent gun violence. 


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Bianca was murdered just days before she was set to leave for Jacksonville State on a full scholarship. Last year, the university presented Bianca’s family with an honorary degree.

To represent their beloved Bianca and the university, her family wore specially made t-shirts to showcase all that Bianca was. 

"The ‘JU’ represents Jacksonville University where she got accepted and the ‘BE’ represents Bianca. Everyone called her ‘B.’ And the kind is who Bianca was. So, I came up with the slogan ‘Just be kind,’" said Michelle. 

There is a garden in memory of Bianca and her brother, Mykel, who died suddenly at 22 years old from a heart attack related to muscular dystrophy just three and a half years before Bianca’s death. Bianca’s grandmother stood up at the garden to share memories.

"I miss her running up the steps," she said. You could hear those long legs running up the steps and I really miss that about her."

Bianca’s mom started a foundation in her memory and honor. To find out how you can get involved, visit mergewithmercey.org