Man pleads guilty to third-degree murder in killing of girl in West Chester road rage case

A family that's been through so much is still mourning their daughter. On Wednesday, 29-year-old David Desper plead guilty to third-degree murder and possession of an instrument of crime.

"I miss my baby. I miss my baby," cried Michelle Roberson. She could barely speak leaving court Wednesday after watching a man plead guilty to killing her daughter.

"We still have a lot of pain but we have to get through it," said Rodney Roberson about the loss of his daughter.

The prosecution thought it was too risky to seek first-degree murder and go to trial.

"There could be a jury or even one person on the jury that could say I don't know if he has that specific intent. So we thought the best course of action was to make sure we got a murder conviction which is what we got today," said Assistant District Attorney Chris Miller.

Authorities say Desper shot 18-year-old Bianca Roberson in the head as they drove on Route 100 in West Chester in June of last year. Investigators say she was in the right lane and Desper was to her left trying to merge as his lane was ending.

"I would want to everybody to know how beautiful she was and that she wasn't no bad girl like people are saying she tried to run him off the road. She never did anything like that so all the excuses coming up for why he did what he did doesn't justify that," said Rodney Roberson. Desper's attorney says they maintain this wasn't a first degree murder case.

"First-degree murder requires specific intent to kill. That is not here," said Glenn McGarrigle. Desper faces up to 40 years in prison.

"I hope it's the full max. I hope he gets what he deserves because he had no right to take my daughter's life" said Rodney Roberson.

The judge said sentencing will take place in December or soon after the first of the year. Desper's family did not speak as they left the Chester County Justice Center.