Jake Javier gets cutting edge operation

We are following the recovery of San Ramon Valley High School football player who broke his neck while diving into a swimming pool in June.

Jake Javier was graduating and was set to play football at Cal Poly next year. He was paralyzed following the accident.

KTVU's Frank Somerville posted on Facebook about a cutting edge operation that's keeping the Javier family hopeful.

Frank writes:

"I've posted about Jake Javier several times. He was paralyzed from the chest down when he broke his neck. It happened when he jumped into a pool one day before he was set to graduate from San Ramon Valley High School.

Last week he underwent a cutting edge operation. It's an operation that's only been tried a few times before. Doctors injected millions of stem cells into his neck. If the operation is successful he might regain use of his hands.

Here's what his mom said afterward: 'The surgery went better than expected and all 10 million stem cells went into Jake's spinal cord very easily and none leaked back out which would have caused complications. The doctors also said most major gains in movement have come around the 60 day mark but can take as long as a year. We are hoping for no infections and a speedy recovery right now.'

Jack was a standout football player. And he's already been visited by Ronnie Lott and Derek Carr. But his favorite team is actually the New England Patriots. Go figure. And last week he was surprised with an autographed jersey and football from Patriots quarterback Tom Brady. His mom said: 'Jake was most ecstatic when his brothers, Jason and Cameron walked in with a New England Patriots #12 Jersey signed, JAKE, GO PATS! Tom Brady! The look on Jake's face lit up the whole room! It was twice as amusing when the autographed football was placed in to Jake's hand. With a large grin on his face, all Jake could say was, that's sick! Yes, Tom Brady, New England Patriot's Quarterback heard the news that Jake was a huge Patriots fan and came through for him by sending the autographed items. Couldn't be more thrilled for Jake.'

I love Jake's smile. He has a beautiful smile. And I can just imagine what his smile will look like if he regains the use of his hands. That would be incredible. ‪#‎KeepFightingJake‬ ‪#‎StayStrong‬"