Jim Kenney Sworn in as Mayor

A new year... and new leadership in Philadelphia. And the new mayor wasted no time talking about the priorities of his administration.

Taking the oath of office on the Academy of Music's grand stage Philadelphia's 99th mayor pledged effective transparent government accountable to the public.

"The vision that will guide this administration is that city government should first and foremost deliver efficient effective services to every single Philadelphian."

In his brief inaugural address the Democrat and former city councilman highlighting his priorities--pre-k, poverty, community schooling and police community relations.

The peaceful transfer of power inside giving way to a chaotic procession along broad street to city hall.

Kenney greeting wellwishers...flanked by security and press.

Praise coming from outgoing Mayor Michael Nutter as well.

"The city has a sense of momentum we're kind of on a roll but Mayor Kenney will put his own signature items forward," Nutter said.

Late in the afternoon Kenney signing an executive order ensuring Philadelphia's status as a sanctuary city...saying local authorities will not cooperate with the feds to hold undocumented immigrants indefinitely.

"If you want hold someone without a warrant that's unconstitutional."

Now former Mayor Nutter had a stirred controversy when he announced changes to philly's sanctuary city status. Kenney's announcement met with cheers from immigration advocates.