Klondike the Polar Bear Passes Away at Philadelphia Zoo

The Philadelphia Zoo said goodbye to one of it's beloved animals, as Klondike the polar bear was euthanized Friday morning.

Philadelphia Zoo is sad to announce that Klondike, our 34-year-old female polar bear, was euthanized this morning due to...

The Zoo took to Facebook to announce the passing of the 34-year-old female bear, following a noticeable decline in her health. She was the oldest polar bear in the United States.

Zoo officials say Klondike was having a hard time standing and walking after lying down , as well as a urinary tract infection.

Veterinary staff attempted to treat her symptoms, but there was no improvement in her condition, and her prognosis moving forward looked grim.

According to the zoo, Klondike exceeded the typical life span of for a polar bear.

Klondike was a part of the Philadelphia Zoo community for more than three decades.

The zoo's remaining polar bear, Coldilocks, is also 34, and is now the oldest polar bear in the United States.